How we created a digital presence for a modern data consulting agency

91,9%of companies recognise the organisational process as the greatest impediment to get value from data. Function solves this by building the organisational and technical engines that make companies truly data-driven. Thijs, the CEO asked us to create the face for the brand and a modern website.

Create order from chaos

Big companies get tons of data, from multiple different sources. This makes it difficult to get a birds eye view of what’s happening during marketing campaigns for example. Because Function creates order from all this chaos, and gives companies full control of their own data, and a birds eye view, we created this new logo and brand.

A motion website telling a complex story in a simple way

We don’t usually get clients that specifically ask us to build a website using next-gen methods, but Thijs was different. He wanted a NextJS site, with modern features and a headless CMS. As a bonus, we added Weglot for a translation interface which uses machine learning to auto-translate the entire website effortlessly.

It’s important to strike a balance between using animations for functional purposes

Don’t overwhelming the user with too much movement. By incorporating well-designed animations into a modern website for a data consultancy, it’s possible to create a memorable and engaging online presence that sets the consultancy apart from the competition.

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Since the launch Thijs has been updating the website, creating job offers and growing Function as a company. If you want to join one of the most modern data consulting agencies in the Netherlands, go check out the site!


Harm van der Burgt


Harm van der Burgt

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