Empowering people
with purpose

Using creative copy, concise code, and a crazy collective.


The world is a beautiful place, and as a sailor and climber I'd love for it to remain that way. That's why I use my skills as a brand strategist, developer and writer to empower amazing people to do even more amazing things. If you're someone that's trying to make the world even a tiny bit better feel free to contact me for collaborations, a cool project or just a chat!

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Brand Strategy

Branding and rebranding works best when you have a clear strategy. During multiple sessions we'll figure out what is it you want to achieve, and more importantly, why you want to do so.

See project: Cultuur Academy


You just can't live without an online presence these days. As a creative developer I focus on building the website or web-app that will help you grow, optimise complex processes and inspire your audience.

See project: BD Grondbeheer


When you’re doing something amazing, you want to share it with the world. Finding the right words to do this can sometimes be difficult, though. That’s where I come in. As a poet, storyteller and copywriter I help translate feelings to words and concepts to copy.

See project: Function

Companies we work with


We’re a collective of skateboarders, rock climbers, filmmakers, artists, musicians, DJ’s, poets and above all; freelancers ready for hire. We’re working from a studio in Arnhem – the Netherlands, but we love creating and helping brands, from all over the world!