Thinking in solutions with Roze Bunker – a creative soda brand from the Netherlands

Producing syrups for sodas doesn't sound like activism, but Roze Bunker somehow makes it happen. By growing local fruit and using every single piece of the ingredient they create syrups, soap, oil, and more they solve a major problem in the food-industry one solution at a time. They asked us to create their brand, website and eventually a brand-film.

When the client thinks alike

The people at Roze Bunker wanted a website that was different, not just a regular show-and-tell but something unique. After multiple brainstorms we came up with the idea of floating bottles, bubbly page transitions and a brutalist design style (at least, that's what a Youtuber called it when reviewing our site). Later we added a store-locator and a webshop, which has made thousands of sales so far.

A vision film that tells their story

The story of Roze Bunker needs to be told and shown to the world on a big scale. It’s about inspiring others to work in the same way to make a change in the soda industry. This film really tells their serious story in a funny way. Roze Bunker wants to create an activistic but positive movement. Not only for the environmentalists, but just by common sense and logical thinking. We need to think more local and about production chains. The vision film was made by Vincent and Jelmer, who teamed up with Shaun to start the film studio That's Rad. Go check them out!

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Since launching the website Roze Bunker has received more than 2000 orders in their webshop, and has added over 300 locations to their list of resellers. We've remained partners since the launch, designing new labels and developing new features, partly because we love helping RB, but mostly because we still receive a few bottles of syrup every month. It's tasty, go try it!


Marcel Klein Legtenberg


Vincent Hammingh

Vision film

Thats's Rad